Auto execs warn UK exit from EU would be ‘bad for both’

Autostars is the most flexible theme we have ever built, nothing is defined for a single niche. You can define the Listings name as you want, create the product attributes as much as you need, use whatever name you want for them. Set your own set of fields for the front end submission form, for listings comparison, listing details or what ever you can imagine while creating a website for front end listings.


Choose the Badges you want to put on your listings. Any attribute of the listing can be used as badge over images. Drag drop them to manage which comes first and so on..


The specifications and attributes you want to show on listings are in your hand. Just choose them in Theme Options, Drap Drop them in the order like you want them to be shown on the listings layouts.

Listing Title

Title of the listings are generated on the go dynamically using the attributes you set for it to create.
Choose the attributes for the title generator, Frag Drop them and the listing manager will create a unique SEO friendly listing title for every new listing.

Single Page Attributes

Specifications and attributes shown on the single listings page can be set and selected as you need. Select attributes for the featured section and for the detailed specifications. Drag drop them to change the position and order of them.


Add listing form gives choice to users how to they want to sell their product. The options are whether to sell it directly to dealers near to his location or show the listing on the site publicaly. Choosing sell directly to dealers will send an email to all the dealers nearby so they can contact the seller directly through email or phone.

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Interior & Space
Equipment & Features
Luxury Features
Engine & Performance
Ride & Ease of Driving
Handling & Braking
Price & Fuel Efficiency

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